Look Good.
         Do Good.

esa (evolving sustainable apparel) is a lady gang rooted in the mutual desire to learn about our place in the fashion industry as well as the natural world, ultimately, synthesizing these two seemingly unrelated realms. The whole narrative of fashion and nature being two singularly opposed ideals is a tired -- and lazy -- story to tell, and we won’t buy it anymore. Literally.

esa’s mission is to evolve the fashion industry by both building sustainable design solutions and educating a new wave of conscious consumers.

We build sustainable design solutions by supporting creative leaders through all steps of the design and production process:

1. Increasing brand awareness through esa initiatives and events
2. Guiding cleaner and more mindful design
3. Managing production
4. Sourcing sustainable materials that are ethically produced

We educate a new wave of conscious consumers by:

1. Bringing attention to the impacts of the fashion industry through public events and campaigns
2. Creating a space for conversation where we learn what it means to be sustainable in the fashion industry #swiperighttoearth



Read the story behind our name here